Project Chalk

A breakthrough remote presence capability that helps people help each other.

Hands-on Help. From Anywhere.

Helping friends and family is easier with Project Chalk. Here's how...

How it works

Connect with someone to help with a problem.

Helping friends, family and customers with Project Chalk is as easy as starting a phone call.

So you can see exactly what they see.

Project Chalk helps you see the problem and figure out what needs to be done to fix it.

And show them what to do as if you are there.

With Project Chalk, you can draw, point and stick helpful tips on almost anything. Giving instructions has never been easier.

“The start of something
pretty significant…”
Gartner analyst Brian Blau, CNET, May 31

“A fundamentally disruptive form of remote communication”
ABI Research analyst Eric Abbruzzese, Venture Beat, May 31

“Augmented reality to remotely help people to use gadgets”
BBC News, June 1

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